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About BRM Social

How We Started

When the rise of Social Media started, no one thought of using it as an advertising opportunity. We also started our business online and we found it difficult to be “seen” amidst the flow of different businesses online. And this is where we saw the potent for helping other businesses find traction to promote their products and services online. We started with a few customers, putting endless hours, and grew to become what we are now.

Google is one of our stepping stone in this venture. Google gave hints on how the rankings were connected to the social media network and having influence in these aspects can boost your traction. Starting with a very small network, we then developed a way to getting more traffic through the use of social media.

During the early days, it was important to focus on excellent customer service and widening the network of social media connections in order to provide our clients with the credibility they need and be able to compete with bigger brands.

Becoming the first and the best in the realm of social media services.

The trend back then was to provide the service at a monthly fee; this did not bode well for those who have only started their businesses. So we found it feasible to deliver at the promised timeline at an affordable low price.

Customer satisfaction is important to us and at 97% it provides us a good client base and they are happy to advertise for us as well. We have been in this business for 4 years and still going strong. The team is comprised of forward-thinking, talented, and smart web experts who are very good at what they do. We want to know how our clients feel about our services through surveys on satisfaction in terms of response time, delivery, and customer service. Proof of our efforts can be seen through emails, blogs, and various testimonials and no one in the market can compete with the way we take care of our clients.

We welcome you to compare us with our competitors, as you might see only few put effort to provide the clients the service they need, even fewer take not of quality of services delivered. We serve customers differently from each other and we acknowledge their different needs. We are here to help provide you your audience and we deliver our promise.

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Why Choose Us

Staff Expertise

Combine all our staff and you get more than 100 years’ worth of experience in the marketing industry. We know how the business works.


We are in constant pursuit of excellence and easily adapt to methods that are proven best. We understand the client’s struggle to gain a foothold that is why we aim to deliver.

World-Renowned Service

We are known for providing answers as soon as you ask the question. Our team is ready to cater to your inquiries and empower them to provide solutions on the spot. That is what we call killer customer service!