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Instagram is blowing up. Whether you’re a personal brand, company or group, getting traction on Instagram can mean exposure, customer awareness and even sales. But this just doesn’t happen over night. You need to focus on telling your brand story through photographs, good photographs. has helped thousands of bloggers,
artists, brands and people on Instagram

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram followers won't lead directly to new clients. Don't be fooled by any company promising sales from the purchase of Instagram followers. Gaining momentum is a challenge on every social network. Our Instagram followers service can help you get a running start with your Instagram strategy.


Who is this for ideally?

We recommend this service for brands or people that have a visual story to tell. Designers, fashion businesses, personal brands, artists and musicians, clothing, architects, photographers are but a few of the typical clients who’ve had success with buying Instagram followers


Isn’t this shady?

No. It's about as shady as paying models to wear clothing brands or paying celebrities to drink vodka brands. The idea is to build up credibility. Sometimes you have to pay people for their time and attention. Our services are no different.


Is it safe?

Instagram will occasionally delete some of our accounts. Which means you will lose followers. But we have a guarantee on redelivery if this happens within 60 days of purchase. We have policies but in general we grant exceptions based on how much business a customer has brought our way. We're easy to deal with if there are issues.


How can I pay?

We accept Paypal payments. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use a credit card on the Paypal platform when you go through the payment process. Note that Paypal limits people in certain countries, we can’t do anything about this. Please understand. Our agents our free to discuss payment options with you 24/7


Do you offer any other services?

Yes, check out the navigation bar at the top. We offer many other Instagram services such as comments, likes and drip fed likes and followers. This means we can deliver at a steady rate over time instead of in a lump delivery over a few days. Check out our daily followers service here.


How can I pay?

Save time by seeding your account with a few hundred to a few thousand Instagram followers. But be smart. Have a strategy before you buy instagram followers, and most importantly, have at least 20 photos loaded up. How smart will you look if you have 10k followers and 2 Instagram photos? If you want the service to bring value, you also need to be logical in your marketing strategy.

After selecting a package and checking out, you will be given an access to our client portal for you to check the progress of your order. Order delivery times are indicated on the package you chose.


VERY IMPORTANT: Your account must have at least 5 images and must not be set to private.?

If done right, you will get traction quicker. People will see your followers as a sign of credibility and age in the industry. They will trust you faster and if you are actually offering something of value to the world, you will see your account grow organically at a faster rate.