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You don’t want to be caught begging for Likes. Don’t do it. You shouldn’t have to anyway. Getting Instagram Likes doesn’t have to be so hard. Buying a few likes to get the ball rolling is a strategy used by a lot of Instagrammers.

A healthy dose of purchased Likes can really get the ball rolling on your images. Just think about how you react to a photograph or video with a good amount of Likes. First, you are most likely to pause on it or watch the video and second, you are very likely to follow suit and give out a Like yourself. Right?

Frequently Asked Questions


Who should buy Instagram Likes?

If you have a nice Instagram profile and you truly believe you are getting good at telling visual stories, you can simply select one of our modest packages to start sending Likes to your images. This service is for all creatives, companies and individuals using Instagram for an endless amount of reasons


Can you send Instagram Likes to a video?

Yep, we can send Likes to photographs and videos. No problem


Can you send likes to all my Instragram posts?

We can split your order over a maximum of 5 photographs or videos. Simply chose the package and send us the URL’s of your posts in a follow up email. By default you need to send us 1 post URL for the Likes order. We’re pretty flexible but we need to limit every Instagram Likes order to 5 images. You can purchase as many times as you want.


How many likes should each Instagram post get?

Generally, on very successful accounts, an Instagrammer will get about 10-20% of his total followers as Likes. This happens for a few reasons but mainly because not all your followers will see your posts because some only login every few days and some might simply not feel compelled to like your image.


What happens when someone Likes my Instagraph photo?

When people Like your images, you increase the chances of getting noticed in the ‘’Explore’’ section of Instagram. Instagram uses the Explore to help you discover what people related to you are liking and commenting on. This increases the chance of your images being exposed to new audiences on Instagram.


Is this legit?

Yep. We’re legit. Some people sell ad space, we sell Instagram services. The point of our services is to help you get traction with your Instagram strategy. As long as your telling awesome visual stories, our kickstart services will definitely bring you value. Our services aren’t a quick fix solution to our marketing plan, but an essential first piece to your overall strategy up and going. Focus on being awesome first, once your awesome – then boost.


How does this work?

When you select a package of Instagram Likes that suits your budget and strategy, your order will be added to the shopping cart. You can insert the photo and video URL’s on that page. When we receive your order we will process it in priority within the time frame noted on the package page.

Your profile must not be set to private or it will delay the delivery of the Likes to your account. If you are looking to get traction we strongly recommend you do not set your account to private ever. It decreases the chances of people discovering your account. If your account is for personal use, it can sometimes be a wise choice.

Let us help you get going with one of our affordable Instagram Likes packages.

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